Nordic Utility Glass Conference 2015 | Næstved Museum

Nordic Utility Glass Conference 2015

The Nordic Utility Glass Conference took place on 10-11 March 2015 at Museum Southeast Denmark, Næstved Museum, Sct. Peders Kirkeplads 8, Næstved, Denmark

The conference aimed at sharing knowledge of the history, manufacture practices and design developments in utility glass in the Nordic countries. In 2010 Næstved Museum in Sealand south of Copenhagen recieved a large donation (c. 35,000 glass items) from the largest Danish glas factory Holmegaard Glasværk that had recently turned in their production.

A substantial part of the donation consisted of utility glasses sush as medicine bottles, marmelade jars, ber and mineral bottles etc. Since then the focus of Næstved Museum has shifted from being a collection of artifacts from the local area to a grand vision of being a centre point of reseach in glass from Denmark as such.

We find that research on the utility glass production has been overshadowed by research into studio glass and finer glass works. With this conference we would like to open up the discussion on utility glass and contribute to form an extended network of glass reseachers in the Nordic countries. 

Conference papers will be published as an anthology. 

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