Customizing | Næstved Museum


"Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black." (Henry Ford, 1909)

The age of industrialization has been characterized by the mass production and standardization of consumer goods. An item can be produced in countless quantities and as the consumer, you and many others might own the same vase, shirt or cell phone.

This may be the reason as to why ‘customizing’ has become a recurrent trend in the everyday commodities of modern times. We want to co-design and choose the colours and detailing of our new Nike-sneakers, rims, credit cards or phone-covers. The packaging is what sets us apart and it signals that we are unique.

Yamaha XJR1300. Wrenchmonkees. 2012. Metal, leaher etc.

Customizing is brought to a new level when the duo, Per Nielsen and Nicolas Bech, custom-build motorcycles, by hand. Wrenchmonkees has a garage on the Danish island Amager and here, the passion for motorcycles is inescapable. The duo tends to work on older models of motorcycles and then modify and customize them into new unique versions. In the collaboration with Yamaha they have custom-built a version of the XJR1300 model, working on the basis of a new design; they call it the Monkeefist. Wrenchmonkees has also designed additional components so that the bike-owner himself is able to ‘pimp’ his Yamaha.

The P51-collection. REC Watches. 2016. Watch dial made from Ford Mustang cars from the 1960’s, leather strap.

The entrepreneur-duo from Vordingborg, Jonathan Kamstrup and Christian Mygh design watches and together they have created the watch-collection P51. Besides telling time, these watches also tell a story, which is a feature that sets this collection apart from others on the market.

Watches by REC Watches are made from old car parts – preferably exclusive vintage cars. The P51-collection is made from old Ford Mustangs from the 1960’s. The scratches and rust visible on the watch dial will arouse excitement with any car enthusiast, as they are reminders of past times. When you buy a watch from REC watches, you receive a Story Card, telling you all about the watch, the car and the story behind it all. The project is very successful and it all started as the duo participated in the Danish television show ‘Løvens Hule’ in 2015. The basic idea of the show is that entrepreneurs present their ideas to possible investors and the investors then tell them whether or not they would invest in their idea. In this case, all of five investors were interested in supporting the project and this became the kick-start to their entrepreneur-adventure[10].