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Sensuous technology

For decades, we have been able to effectively produce countless of products using cheap materials such as plastic and metal. But how come in recent years there has been an upward tendency in using natural materials in electronic devices? Materials like wood, leather and fur, which are all more expensive and which take more preparatory work. Maybe it is because these natural materials stimulate our senses, connects us to nature, and in all cases adds warmth, personality and life into otherwise cold products. and streamlined technology.

Lamp 2. Handmade by Henning. 2016. Wood.

When faced with designer Henning Igwebuike a birch tree becomes a lamp. All of his designs are based on the same technique. He starts out by creating a virtual model of the design on his computer, which he then has carved into the wood using laser cutters. Because he uses this very precise technique, it is possible for him to hand-assemble all individual pieces and, in the end, create a new lamp. “Lamp 2” was assembled using fifty unique pallets, creating a wave around its own axis. Technology and aesthetics are united, as the light bulb is turned on and the cuts and shapes of the lamp cast intricate shadows on the walls[1].

Wooden USB Sticks. OOOMS. 2005. Wood.

Transferring files from one computer to the other is a fast and easy process when using a USB-stick. It is the modern technological tool which most people know and use on a daily basis. The Dutch design company Oooms has decided to rethink the design of the USB-stick, so that it no longer blends in with other technological household items. The USB-sticks are made from different types of wood and strongly resemble mini-logs. The natural material gives the user a sensuous experience and at the same time it contrasts the cold material of the computer[2].

Montana watch. LC Nature. 2016. Ebony, leather.

The state of Montana is known for it’s grand nature experiences, as it is packed with woods and lakes. Maybe this is the reason why LC Nature has chosen to name one of their watches after this particular state. Using the materials they do, LC Nature is basically a nature experience all in itself. The watch is made from ebony and leather. The leather speaks to the masculine user, as it gives the watch a dark and robust look, while the green watch dial inspires you to think of the woods of Montana[3].

Sky lamp. Pernille Bülow. 2017. Glass.

They are dynamic, mouth blown and can light up any room. Pernille Bülow’s Sky lamps look like bubbles as they hang from the ceiling in asymmetric shapes of transparent glass.

The glass-lamps have their origin in Svaneke on the island of Bornholm, Denmark. Here, designer Pernille Bülow opened up ‘Pernille Bülow Glass’, in 1989. After visiting Holmegaard Glass factory, Bülow found a growing interest in glass and she became fascinated by the movements of the material as it changes between stages of hot and cold[4].

During the working process each lamp gets a unique look as the mouth blown bubbles are free-blown[5], meaning that the heated glass is a liquid and is shaped using different tools. Even the slightest touch can, when using this technique, change the look of the final shape. To master this method of glass-craft it requires uppermost precision and a lot of practice.