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Slow living

In the 1980’s people predicted that the vinyl record would soon go out of production, but in recent years, this development has radically changed. Not only has the sale of old vinyl records rocketed, new music is also being released in LP-format. A part of the reason behind this is that a rising number of people want to go back to the concept of “slow living”. It is essentially a desire of a stress-free and slow-paced life, where you are more present. This tendency holds quite a lot of nostalgia towards “the good old days”, before it became necessary to be able to do everything at once.

Folded Record Bureau. Hugh Miller Furniture. 2013. Wood, Bang & Olufsen record player.

Hugh Miller is a British designer who specializes in wood. He thinks of his designs as small pieces of architecture. In the record player Folded Record Bureau, the architectural element is reflected in the crooked and continuous lines of the design.

The built-in vintage record player from Bang & Olufsen is a strong advocator for the modern life-style trend slow living. People who follow this trend likes to unplug and look back at past days, while enjoying a stress-free life.

The vinyl record is a medium which has stayed popular despite it’s long lived life. In recent years the sale of vinyl records has increased[21] while the otherwise up-to-date CD is losing sales to the new competitive digital services[22].

Urania acoustic sound amplifier. Aric Snee / Holmegaard. 2015. Glass.

A sound amplifier in mouth blown glass by American glassblower and designer Aric Snee.

An iPhone 4, 5 or 6 is placed in the amplifier, and from here on, there is no need for additional power cables or other forms of electronics to make the device work. The sound is blown through the funnel-shaped tubes on each side of the device. This is the same low-tech principle used in the making of the first gramophones.

The name Urania comes from the old glass orchestra at the Holmegaard glass factory, which still plays wind instruments made from mouth blown glass.