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Technology of the past

Though electric everyday-products gained ground within people’s personal lives by the end of the 17th century, the development was still focused on established design traditions used in the production of handmade designs. An example of this is the first electric lamps produced, which looked very similar to kerosene lamps. This was a safe move into the scene of modern lightning, as even the form was primarily hand-made. This was a condition of the production, as there were no other options but to mould the items by hand. Until it became possible to produce these items using machines, this was how it was done.

Gramophone. Tresor Soundbox. 1900-1920. Wood, metal, felt. Private ownership.

The gramophone was invented in 1887 by the amerikan inventor Emil Berliner. In the 1920’s the gramophones were changed from the use of a winch to be driven by electricity.

Spark Plugs. 20. century. Porcelain, metal. Private ownership.

The spark plug is placed inside petrol engines and produce the sparks that ignite the petrol. The old spark plugs with porcelain isolators are finely painted with the make of the car.