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Tradition vs. renewal

The Danish design brand Kähler Design is a modern design company, which carries on the traditions of their historic past, while staying relevant and innovative in modern times. They do this by incorporating technological products into their production of everyday-life designs. 

Fugato speaker. Kähler Design. 2016. Ceramics, wood, textile.

Several compact, wireless and mobile speakers have been launched into the market from companies such as Bang & Olufsen, Sonos and Libratone. Sensuous materials like textiles and leather are used, and in design of the Fugato speaker also ceramic and wood.

In Italian the word Fugato means “several tunes playing together”. The Fugato speaker is a collaboration between Kähler Design and the Danish company System Audio, and it has won the Red Dot Design Award for it’s exceptional design, in 2016.

My Life USB-key. Kähler Design. 2010. Ceramics, metal.

The collection consists of USB-keys for four areas of life: “My Family”, “My Work”, “My Secret” and “My Passion”.

Besides being practical tools in life, the My Life USB-keys are also a modern take on the otherwise personal medallion, wherein people would previously hide photos of their loved ones, locks of hair or other secrets.