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Works from Vallekilde Højskole

The students of the Design and Maker Team at Vallekilde Højskole were invited to contribute to the exhibition with design solutions containing both handicraft and technology. Taking start in the overall theme of the exhibition, the students were given an assignment they had three weeks to complete. The result of their work can now be seen in the exhibition.

Because design is so much more than machinery produced items, the assignment formulation posted that the students had to register the design process, develop new designs an communicate their solutions. All the process registrations, prototypes and items will be on display in the 'Process room'. Here you also will be able to watch interviews with the different students on tablet-computers.

Out of the student's projects, four were chosen to be part of the exhibition 'Pimp Your Ride'.

Lamp. Jasmin Kharamani Madsen. Vallekilde Højskole. 2017. Polyurethane foam, LED, socket with cord in black fabric, glue, balloon.

With the choice of polyurethane foam, usually used for heat insulation in buildings, for the lamp shade our concept of how we normally se a lamp is challenged. That the foam has it's own life and just to a limited extent can be controlled is visible in the organic shape of the lamp, that reminds us of anything between popcorn, lunar landscapes and amber.

Wall clocks. Maja Elmig Feuerlein. Vallekilde Højskole. 2017. Walnut veneer, Plexiglas, wood, velour, imitation fur, concrete, hobby concrete paint, silicone, glue.

There has really been played and manipulated with materials in this wall clocks. Paint with the same structure as concrete is been used. Velour that resembles metal. An Plexiglas engraved with grain of wood. What we think we see is not necessarily the truth.

Lamp. Alice Owain Hodgson. Vallekilde Højskole. 2017. Wood, paint, wood glue, embroidery wool, chain of lights.

In this lamp we find references to old chores and handiwork like embroidery and weaving. However, the wool has been given a completely new function, and through the beautiful play of colours in the wool the light from the bulb in the bottom of the case will cast shadows on the surrounding of the lamp.

Headphone. Birte Højsager. Vallekilde Højskole. 2017. Old headset, wood (3 mm), white spray paint.

Mass-produced headphones all of a sudden become personal and unique through the handmade and replaceable wooden items. This is an invitation to interact with and influence the things, we are surrounded by. In this way this headphones find a natural place in one of the exhibition's themes: Customizing.

Beside the items on display the students from Vallekilde Højskole have developed the following designs:

Wool lamp. Mie Hedegaard Winther Bach. Vallekilde Højskole. 2017.

Bedside lamp. Maria Leis Jensen. Vallekilde Højskole. 2017.

Speakers. Morten Kjærgaard Jensen. Vallekilde Højskole. 2017.

Speakers in Plexiglas. Tonja Birkebæk Jensen. Vallekilde Højskole. 2017.

Lamp in birch veneer. Asger Bergh Jakobsen. Vallekilde Højskole. 2017.

Lava lamp. Julie Agertoft Sonne. Vallekilde Højskole. 2017.

Flowerpot lamp. Puk Tofte Andersen. Vallekilde Højskole. 2017.

Composting system. Sigrid Hyldegaard Djernæs. Vallekilde Højskole. 2017.

Power bank. Anders Flemming Petersen Ølholm. Vallekilde Højskole. 2017.